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GIFT University was established in 2002 with the vision to bring about a visible change in the society by offering quality education to the youth of the Gujranwala division and also to become a leading educational institute of the region. Looking back at the year 2002 we see no university between Lahore and Islamabad region which can educate the young souls and prepare them to play their meaningful role in the development and progress of the industry.


As the Chairman of Board of Governors, it is my pleasure to welcome you to GIFT University. This place is going to be your home for the most important part of your life and you are going to make memories which will last for the rest of your life. Your friendships and associations that are going to be created will be your professional and personal asset. The education that you are going to get here will enhance not only your technical skills but also will mold you into a better human being.

Muhammad Anwar Dar

GIFT University provides high-quality education aimed to develop inspirational professionals, business leaders, and successful entrepreneurs. We have internationally qualified and best faculty in the region, supported by modern facilities for teaching and learning. The University is also actively pursuing linkages with prestigious local and international institutions to facilitate the academic and careers of our students and graduates.

Dr. Shahid Qureshi


GIFT University emphasizes lifelong learning beyond the classroom, with centers for professional, personal, and entrepreneurial growth.


GIFT University offers a range of on-campus facilities to meet the diverse needs of its community, enhancing the overall campus experience with essential services and amenities.

International Collaborations

GIFT University adheres to quality education and research standards, achieving sustainable development goals. CIRO collaborates with international universities globally.

Student Societies

With more than 30 vibrant societies working under the umbrella of GIFT Centre for Student Societies students enjoy a well-rounded experience of extra-curricular activities.

Degree Programs

GIFT University offers over 50 diverse degree programs, from Associate Degrees to Post-Graduate Diplomas, catering to various academic and professional aspirations.


At GIFT, we recognize the diverse talents and aspirations of our global community, and we are committed to ensuring that financial barriers never hinder academic excellence.

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Video Spotlights and Testimonials

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Faizan Arshad

Deputy Director, 
Marketing & Community Engagement 

Contact: +92 301 864 3355,
+92 55 3416900 (Ext.: 5028)

Umara Qaiser

Deputy Director, 
Students Facilitation Center (SFC)

Contact: +92 300 869 5382,
+92 55 3416900 (Ext.: 3401)

Saima Aziz

Deputy Director 
Corporate & International Office (CIRO)

Contact: +92 300 064 5052,
+92 55 3416900 (Ext.: 3428)